Purchasing Guide

Interested in placing a custom order but not quite sure of the process? Start here!

I offer completely customized notebooks - and am just a message away. I am always happy to help design your dream cover.

1. Type of Cover - What type of notebook or planner are you shopping for?

  • Traveler's Notebook style has spine elastics that you use to hold inserts.
  • Ring Bound comes with a binder mechanism for hole punched inserts.
  • Folio style is intended to cover bound notebooks (such as Hobonichi or bullet journals like Archer & Olive), coil or spiral bound planners, and disc bound planners.

2. Leather selection - Next, decide which leather base you'd like. I offer a wide range of colors and styles. The leathers I use include chrome and oil tans. Chrome tans would be considered your fashion colors or finishes (hello, holo!). Oil tans encompass neutrals like brown and black, with a "rustic" finish. This type of leather is known for taking on character and patina with use. 

3. Size - How big are your inserts or your bound book? I offer a wide range of sizing options to fit most major brands.

Not sure which size you want? I highly suggest cutting out several different sizes from scrap paper to see how each feels in use. The below table will give you an idea of proportions. 

**Niche sizes such as personal wide, B6 mini, A6 plus, etc. are available on a case by case basis - please email me at atelesdesigns@gmail.com

Name / Size


width by height, in inches

Base Price ($USD)
Passport 3.5 x 4.88 35
A7 - Pocket 3.5 x 5.5 40
 True A6** 4.1 x 5.8 50
Personal 3.75 x 6.75 60
Standard 4.33 8.25 65
B6 4.9 x 6.9 65
A5 5.8 x 8.25 75
Standard 10.75w*9h 55


4. Width - I structure my sizing based on the type of inserts or notebook you are using, the size of those inserts, and then either a) how many spine elastics you'd like, b) the width of your bound book, or c) the diameter of ring mechanism, coil, or discs 

Reinforced:  a reinforced spine refers to an additional strip of leather that is sewn onto the spine of your notebook. In addition to aesthetics, a reinforced spine can add more structure and stability to your notebook, especially when you are opting for a larger width. You may select an interior or exterior spine - this refers to where the spine piece is stitched down.

5. POCKETS - Each maker uses different wording and designs for their pockets. I sized my pockets to be proportional to the overall size of the cover and the intended contents. For example, passport sized covers have significantly smaller pockets than an A5.

The following images are for demonstration purposes - your cover will not include spine elastics if you are ordering a ring bound cover, for example. 

Basic: includes a side loading, full height "folio" pocket on both interior sides. Can be used with any cover style.


Lightweight: includes layered (or doubled) secretarial pockets on both interior sides. If accent color is desired, it is used on the *back* layer.

Overpacker:  *most popular selection* Includes front and back folio pockets, 3 (2 layer) side loading card slots on the left side and layered secretarial pockets on the right. 

**Exterior pockets are not compatible with this layout**

Basic +: Combines the dual sided folio pockets of the basic layout with the doubled secretarial pockets of lightweight. (Image in the works)

**Exterior pockets are not compatible with this layout**

6. ACCENT:  Think of the accent leather as your secondary color. It can be contrasting or complementary. It is used in the following applications:

  • Pocket layers
  • Back pull tab piece on horizontal elastic closures
  • Interior material on the magnetic closure
  • Optional contrast material for a reinforced spine

I keep a basic inventory of metallic solids, and I have a fluctuating supply of "fashion" leathers in a vast variety of colors and finishes. I send photos, and swatch videos if possible, via email. 

7.  Pen Loop - My pen loops are made of black or white elastic approximately 1" wide that extends 1/2" from the back side of your cover.

8. Closure - I offer traditional elastic or a magnetic snap closure. A horizontal elastic closure indicates a closure that originates in the middle of your cover and will circle the width. A vertical closure indicates a closure that originates on the *back* cover at two points and circles the height of your cover, generally within 1.5-2" inches from the edge.

9. Engraving - This is just a sampling of files that I have - just reach out if you're after something specific. I have a custom engraving deposit listing - please use this if I am sourcing an alternate image for you. There may be an additional fee for custom images depending on factors such text, size, and intricacy.

Please remember I am human - I do my *absolute* best to center and level engraved images. Factors such as magnetic closures and full cover, repeated pattern designs affect placement.

I reserve the right to decline a custom image or text for any reason. 

7. Turnaround - I do my absolute best to get your order out the door as soon as possible. This is generally within a 3-week timeframe. Extenuating circumstances are handled on a case-by-case basis, and I will ALWAYS communicate with you. Ready to ship items go out within three business days.