All About Ateles Designs

I'm Julie, the mastermind behind Ateles Designs. I'm also "Mommy" to 3 kiddos, and wife to my amazing partner, Sean. 

All the magic happens about an hour east of Houston, TX. When I'm not sewing or mommying, I'm jamming in my planner, knitting, or playing outside.  

Ateles Designs...

Deciding on the name for my shop was surprisingly easy. A little background - I previously owned a cloth diaper shop called Spider Monkey Designs, based on a childhood nickname. When I moved to planner covers, I wanted something more grown up. "Ateles" (uh-tell-ease) is the scientific name for spider monkey. 

I offer a wide variety of items, including customizable leather or jelly notebook covers, and accessories such as bags and keychains.