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Stencil - WEEKS sized

Stencil - WEEKS sized

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No Hobo, problem! I developed these stencils to recreate Hobonichi sized layouts in *other* notebooks. Each stencil is cut on 4mil clear acetate. This allows you to get fine, crisp lines. I do recommend stabilizing the stencil with washi onto your page

The weekly layout features the following:

  • Top and bottom "washi" 
  • 7 horizontal daily boxes
  • Separate date box
  • "Ghost" box common on the right hand page
  • Excluding the scallop top edge, the outer perimeter of the actual stencil is the same dimensions as the overall per page layout (minus "washi" deco)
  • Circle, scallop box, rounded square, and square box
  • Star cluster
  • Circle and square check boxes
  • Rounded date box (use it horizontally!)
  • Scallop top edge for changing up your layout

The monthly layout features:

  • Outer perimeter equal to 4 day 'width' 
  • 3 day width and 4 day width bottom boxes
  • Moon phases
  • Full height day box
  • Full height day box *minus* date header
  • Day of the week box
  • Date header
  • 3/4 height box
  • Rounded half box
  • Rounded day of the week box (use it like a quarter box!)
  • Scallop edge box
  • Arrows
  • Circle and square check boxes
  • Circle
  • Star cluster